​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association

SOATPA is a non-profit association located in Southern Ohio.


Our association is dedicated to the sport of pulling . We have classes for antique tractors, altered field stock tractors. We have a self-propelled sled, scales, and all other equipment necessary to put on a complete pull. Our association strives to make pulling fun and fair for all involved. We take input from our pullers and strive to do our best to make each pull successful for everyone involved.

​​Saturday October 21st is the SOATPA Fall Championship Antique Tractor Pull. The pull will be at the Lynchburg Lions Club Park. Classes are 3500 lb thru 8500lb 3 mph 16.9-34 top cuts max tire size.  7500lbs thru 8500lb 18.4-38 top cut max tires.  

4, 5, 6, & 8 mph 3500lbs thru 8500lbs 18.4-38 max tire size full cuts, 8500lbs single turbo diesels 4, 6, 8 & 10 mph 18.4-38 top cuts max tire size.

All divisions weight breaks at 500lbs. 


Added classes 100% payback are 4250 div 2 16.9-34 top cut max tire size.

Div 3 5750 5 mph 18.4-38 full cuts.

Div 2 5750 3 mph 16.9-34 top cuts

8500lb diesel open speed.

2630 Sharpsville Road Lynchburg, OH

45142. For more details call Craig Stout at (937) 213-1655.