​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.


                                                                                      CODE OF CONDUCT
Southern Ohio Antique Tractors Pullers Association, Inc.
1. Each SOATPA member and crew member shall always show and exercise respect at all events to all SOATPA
officials, members, crew members, event promotors as well as those who follow the SOATPA circuit. He/She shall
conduct himself/herself as a person of good character and integrity and shall have respect for property and person
and shall abide by the SOATPA Code of Conduct. He/She shall at all times act in the best interest of SOATPA.
2. It is the intent of SOATPA to project a positive sportsmanship and professional image to all fellow pullers, crew 
members and event promoters and followers. By doing so this will promote growth and longevity of our sport.
3. The safety of SOATPA officials, members, crew members and event promoters are always of the utmost importance.
Every possible effort shall be taken to keep all involved parties as safe as possible.
4. Each Puller and crew member is expected to be familiar with SOATPA's Code of Conduct and general rules. These
must be strictly adhered to by the puller and his/her crew member(s).
5. Each puller and crew member agrees that the act of entering and participating in a SOATPA sanctioned event shall
constitute and agreement by him/her to be bound by all the rules and regulations covering the event. The driver/crew
person(s) agree to be bound by any of the decisions of SOATPA or SOATPA's officials.
6. Any SOATPA member, crew member, event promoter or sled operator being unsportsman like or exhibiting
unprofessional conduct will be grounds for automatic disqualification. This includes but not limited to: abusive
language, aggressive physical action by any person, deliberate delay of event, etc…Should a SOATPA official, event
promoter or sled operator act unsportsmanlike or unprofessional, the SOATPA Board of Directors will promptly
address the issue.
7. Any puller or crew member found in violation of a rule(s) or Code of Conduct at a sanctioned event will cause the 
puller to be automatically disqualified and the offending individual to be removed from the event at the discretion
of SOATPA officials. Additional action may be taken at a later date and time.
8. The competitor and each member of the competitor's crew must be properly attired when present in the staging or 
in the competition area. Shoes and shirts must be worn. The appearance of the puller and crew are equally as
important as the appearance of the tractor itself.
9. No smoking while in area's so designated.
10. A driver may be refused participation in the contest for emotional or physical reasons by SOATPA officials, ie:
illness, drinking, etc.. Such matters will be left to the discretion of the SOATPA official(s).
11. Any driver or crew appearing to be impaired will be automatically disqualified and removed from the event. A
second offense shall result in suspension from SOATPA for 3 months. Should additional offenses arise, SOATPA
members will review offenses and make a final ruling.
12. Pulling tractors must be operated in a safe and responsible manner at all times within the confines of the track,
pits, and staging areas as well as the entire event area. SOATPA officials have the right to stop and disqualify any
vehicle if it is not being operated in a safe manner.
13. It is mandatory that all drivers and crew members are in the staging areas or competition area and that drivers'
attend the driver's meeting, crew members are encouraged to attend the driver's meeting. Time and location
will be posted or announced.
14. All Fire Marshall rules and regulations must be followed. Failure to do so will be automatic grounds for
disqualification and removed from the event.
15. Pullers, crew members and all participants must remain outside of designated boundaries of the pulling track in use.
ONE crew member may assist pulling tractor to the track, but must be off the track when tractor is pulling.
16. SOATPA and SOATPA officials have authority to make decisions at each sanctioned event. This includes, but not
limited to all facets related to the operations of the event and the right to suspend, bar, expel or disqualify any
SOATPA member from the event without liability of any kind or nature.
17. SOATPA holds and reserve the right to interpret any and all rules herein or any other rules that are enforced at a 
SOATPA event as appropriate. The adoption of new rules during the season could become necessary to promote
18. The decision of the track and/or SOATPA's officials will be FINAL. Debate or discussion of decision will not be
permitted on the track.
19. SOATPA and its affiliated event promotors implement many forms of event promotions to further the growth
of the sport and accommodate the fans. As a competitor on the SOATPA circuit, you may be asked to participate
in such promotions. These promotions are based around the sponsors and fans that make these events possible.
Therefore the competitors are asked to participate in such activities and present themselves in a professional

manner and during all activities.