​​                                       SOATPA 2024 Schedule

 5/18/2024 @ 10am Lynchburg OH-Division Classes, and   8500 Altered Farm, and Out of Field Stock 10,500k,   12,500k, 14,500k

 6/28/2024 @ 5pm Hillsboro OH Fairgrounds Farm Stock Classes up to 6,000lbs.

 6/29/2024 @ 9am Hillsboro OH Fairgrounds Division   Classes, and 8500 Altered Farm. @ 5pm Farm Stock 6,500   lbs. and up, and Out of Field Stock 10,500k, 12,500k, 14,500k.   

 8/2/2024 @ 5pm Owensville OH Division Classes

 8/3/2024 @ 9am Owensville OH Farm Stock Classes,             @ 5pm 8500 Altered Farm, and Out of Field Stock 10,500k,   12,500k, 14,500k.   

 9/27/2024 @ 5pm Xenia OH Farm Stock

 9/28/2024 @ 9am Xenia OH Division Classes, and 8500   Altered Farm.       Out of Field Stock classes   TBD                  


 **** All Pulls are at the Lion's Club in Lynchburg unless noted..

The physical address is

2630 Sharpsville Rd Lynchburg, Ohio 45142.

All pulls are held  at the corner of

Rammel Rd. & Sharpsville Rd.  Lynchburg, Ohio 45142.

 ​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.