SOATPA Division 2 Rules

Tractor Year:  1959 and Older
Age of Driver:
Drivers must be 14 years of age or older. Those under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.        
3500, 4000, 4500, 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7000, 7500
Speed: Super Farm Stock will run any gear. (3 MPH Max)
RPM's: RPMs allowed will be determined by the M&W chart. Any tractor not listed will use manufacturer's data. 20% margin of error will be permitted for all classes.

Tires sizes 15.5 x 38 max, or 16.9x34, 14.9 x 38, 16.9 x 28. (16" rim max.)
18.4 x 38 7500#-8500# (16" rim max.) Front tires must be at least 14" and AG tires (3 Rib or Multi-Rib allowed)
Top cut tires allowed - No front edge cut allowed
Super Farm Stock Class Only - Radiators, Front end, Fuel Tanks, etc. must be in original location. Front tire must be Ag. 
Tires and 14" or larger.
Revised 1/11/2020: Super Farm Stock Classes only- Radiators, Front end must be in original location.

Aluminum front rims and fuel tanks permitted. 


 ​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.