Out of Field Stock Rules
 Classes: 10,500lb, 12,500lb, 14,500 lb
 Speed: 5mph
 RPM's: 10% over stock
 Tires: Any tire size, No cut tires only
 No Duals 2WD only
 Drawbar-20" max height, minimum 30" from center of rear axle. To be   measured at hook point
 All build up of draw bars must be braced forward 
 Wheelie bars not required
 T/A can be shifted up 1 and down 1
 Bolted or pinned clevises allowed
 Tractors must be stock, straight out of the field, no stripping.
 3 point, PTO, etc.… must remain if equipped
 No water injection
 Tractor must have factory style injection pump for that make and model   tractor
 Kill switch not required
 Tractor must have factory number of turbos

 ​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.