​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.


                                                   Plow Class Rules


NEW CLASS: 1940 – 1959 

1. SOATPA will not be responsible for injuries, accidents, or theft of property from grounds.

2. Must be Members of the SOATPA

3. ALL drivers are responsible to weigh in and pass the safety inspection before their pull. You will be weighed and teched prior to the start of your class.

4. All tractors must be stock antique appearance. No part may be removed to meet weight classes. No tractors may pull out of plow class. Pulling order will be given at time of signup. Order numbers must be displayed on the left from of each tractor (as you sit on it). If you cannot make the weight limit for your class you are allowed to move up one class without adding weight.

5. Drivers between the ages 12-15 must have passed the driver’s test with the safety instructor. Drivers under the age 18 must have a parent/guardian fill out and sign the parental consent form at the tractor pull registration tent.

6. All tractors must be two-wheel drive only.

7. All contestants must use the factory drawbar. The drawbar must be stationary and must not exceed a height of 20” and no closer than 18” from the centerline of the axle to the pulling point of the hitch when using wheelie bars. If not using wheelie bars, the hitch cannot exceed 16” in height and no closer than 24” from the centerline of axle and pulling point of hitch. All build-ups must be braced forward! Clevis on both sides of drawbar. And “D” rings and clevis must be 3” inside diameter and bolted to the drawbar. No turnbuckles. All hitches must be approved by the Tractor Pull Committee tech inspector.

8. Minimum requirements for the wheelie bars as follows: 10” maximum above ground. The back of the wheelie bar is to extend 5” behind the tire radius. Pads = 5” square minimum, spaced minimum of 20” from outside each pad. Wheelie bars must be able to support the weight of the tractor. Jacking up the pads so the tractor is completely off the ground is a good test. FARM Club reserves the right to perform this test at its discretion.

9. All tractors use lowest gear to pull. No shifting gears or T.A. during pull. In the double tree class, the fastest tractor of the pair must run in the low gear.

10. It is the responsibility of the driver to set his/her tractor to run at manufacturer recommended engine speed or PTO speed.

11. Tractors will be permitted to have factory style wheel weights for front and rear wheels. Only factory front bolster weights will be permitted . ABSOLUTELY NO SUITCASE WEIGHTS OR HANGING WEIGHTS OR WEIGHT BRACKETS. Fluid in front and rear tires will also be allowed as long as the tractor is within the weight requirements for the plow class. All weights must be securely fastened. Any tractor loosing weights or parts will be disqualified.

12. Driver must remain seated at all times and minimum of one hand on steering wheel.

13. One pull per tractor. No double entries (except double tree class). There will be two (2) chances to move sled. No deliberate stops.

14. Tractors will be disqualified if the drivers do not stop when flagged by the Track Judge

15. Tractors will be stopped if the front of the tractor raises higher than the Track Judge feels is safe

16. Tire size is not to exceed 15.5 for all tractors 3-plow and under,.

17. Any part of the tractor going out of bounds will signal a disqualified pull.

1. ONE PLOW OLD 4000#: Case CC, Case RD, Farmall F-12, Farmall F-14, Farmall A, Farmall B, McCormick W12, McCormick Deering 10-20, John Deere GP, John Deer B, John Deere H, John Deere L, Silver King 3 Wheeler, Allis Chalmers B, Allis Chalmers C, Allis Chalmers RC

2. ONE PLOW NEW LIGHT 3500#: Fords 8N, 9N, Fergusons TO20, TO30 TO35, John Deere H, 40, MT-L-LA-M, 320, 330, Farmall 100, 130, 140, 200, 230, 240, A, B, Allis Chalmers B, C, D-10, D-12, Oliver 60. Farmall C Super C, Cockshutt 20

3. ONE PLOW NEW 4500#: John Deer B – 2-Stick, 420, 430, 435, Case VC, Case Vac, MinneapolisMoline BF, Oliver 66, Massey Harris 20, 22, 81, Farmall 130, 120, 200, 230, 240 Ford 600 Series, 700 Series

4. TWO PLOW OLD 5500#: John Deere A, Farmall F-20, Farmall H, Allis Chalmers WC, Allis Chalmers WF, Minneapolis-Moline JT, MTA, FTA, Minneapolis-Moline UTU, ZT, Oliver 70, Massey Harris Challenger, Massey Harris Pacemaker, Massey Harris 101 Jr., Huber B

5. TWO PLOW NEW LIGHT 5000#: Case SC, Case 300, John Deere B – 1-Stick, Cockshutt 30, 540, Coop E3, Coop B2, Farmall H, Super H, 340, Oliver 70, 550, Allis Chalmers WC WF, D-14, Minneapolis-Moline ZTU, Minneapolis-Moline Z, Minneapolis-Moline R, Minneapolis-Moline RTU, Massey Harris 30, Oliver Super 55 and 66, Oliver 660, Ford 800 Series, 900 Series, Massey Harris 33

6. TWO PLOW NEW 6000#: John Deere A – 2-stick, AR, 50, 520, 530, Allis Chalmers RD, WF, , Massey Harris 44, 101 Jr., 333, McCormick W-4, Case D-SC, Farmall 300 and 350, Cockshutt 550.

7. THREE PLOW OLD 6500#: Farmall F-30, Farmall M, McCormick W-30, John Deere D, John Deere G, Allis Chalmers U, Allis Chalmers A, UC, Massey Harris Challenger, Massey Harris Pacemaker, Massey Harris 101 Sr.

8. Three Plow NEW LIGHT 6000#. John Deere A – 1-Stick ,Allis Chalmers WD45, Oliver 77, Super 77, Case DC, Cockshutt 35, 40

9. THREE PLOW NEW 7000#: John Deere G, D, 60, 70 gas, 620, 630, Oliver Diesel 77, Case DC, Allis Chalmers D-17 Series 1, All Farmall M’s, McCormick W-6, Massey Harris 55, 444, MinneapolisMoline U, UB, 4Star, Jetstar, Case 400, Oliver 88, Super 88, 770

10. FOUR PLOW OLD 8500#: McCormick WD 40, 2236, McCormick WK 40, Case L, Oliver 80 11. FOUR PLOW NEW 9000#: Case LA, 500, 600, 800, 900, John Deere R, 70 Diesel, 80, 720, 730, 820, 830, Farmall 400, 450, 460, 560, 650, 660, Minneapolis-Moline GB Diesel, UTS, G, Vstar, GVI, McCormick WD9, Massey Harris 55, 555, Oliver Diesel 88, 880, 99, 950, 990, Cockshutt 50, 560, 570