​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.

                                                  Farm Stock Rules

 Tractor Year: Must be minimum 50 years old 
 Classes: 3500lb ~ 7000lb in 500lb increments & 8000lb & 9000lb
 8000lb ~ 14,000lb in 1000lb increments, & 18,000lb  Double Tree 
 Speed: 3mph any gear
 RPM's: 20% over stock
 Tires: 3500 ~ 8000lbs 15.5x38 or factory size max, non cut tires only, no altercations   what so ever.
           9000lb No tire limit non cut tires only, no altercations what so ever.
 Drawbar-No turn buckles, 20" with wheelie bars or 16" without wheelie bars. To be   measured at hook point
 Hanging weights permitted - Front weight bracket can not exceed 10" from front of   tractor.
 No shifting T/A.
 Kill switch not required.
 Stock appearing, no visible stripping
 No part can be removed to meet weight classes
 May inject water but no alcohol.