SOATPA Division 3 Altered Rules
1. Driver must be a member or associate member of S.O.A.T.P.A.
2. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older. If under 18 years of age must have written parental/guardian permission.
3. Drivers must stay in seat of tractor at all times. Hands must be on the steering wheel, hand brakes, hand clutch, or 
 throttle at all times during the pull.
4. Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal maybe disqualified or barred from hooking. 
5. Any part falling from the tractor while pulling or hooked to the sled will result in DQ.
6. Tractor must stay in bounds at all times.
7. Wheelie bars are required. 10'' height maximum. All tractors must have safety kill switches.
8. Draw bars must not exceed 20 inches in height and less than 18 inches from center of axle to hooking point. No
part of the draw bar may extend rearward beyond the point of hook. Draw bars must be stationary in all directions and
 must have 3 inch round hole. No clevises.
9. Maximum length not to exceed 14 feet from the center of rear axle to the furthest point forward.
10. 18.4-38 tire limit in the 4000, 4500, 5500, and 6500 (5mph classes. 20.8-38 tire limit in 6500,7500,8500, and 9500 
 (no speed limit) classes. No steel wheels. Two wheel drive only. No duals.
11. Gas, diesel, or LP fuels only, and must have tractor style block with OEM style head. Only one turbo charger allowed.
12. Fan-Guards on all tractors (side shields or fan guard) Mandatory!
13. Any tractor running 3000 rpm or more must have a scatter blanket and side shields.
14. Judges or promoters decision is final at all times during the pull.
15. 6500, 7500, 8500, 9500 open tractors must run fenders.
16. No nitrous or other pressurized fuels except factory LP.

4000lbs (5mph) 5500lbs (5mph) 6500lbs (5mph)
No speed limit: 6500lbs, 7500lbs, 8500lbs, 9500lbs

4 MPH (Modified Stock) Division 3:
Modified Stock will run any gear (4 MPH Max)
Tire size will be 18.4 x 38. Cut tires allowed.
Stock sheet metal and hoods. Stock wheel base!
1959 and older.
4 MPH (Modified Stock) Revised 1/11/2020
4 mph, 6mph, 8mph (Modified Stock Antique)
Modified Stock will run any gear (At class set speed)
Tire size will be 18.4 x 38. Cut tires allowed.
Stock sheet metal and hoods. Stock wheel base!
1959 and older.
Note: Red Diamond and DT466 gas or diesel or like engines/setup tractors are not permitted to compete in modified 
stock antique classes. Like tractors will need to run in the altered classes.Please reference the  altered class rules. 

 ​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.