​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.


                                                                 Division V+ Rules
                                                  2021      Classes: 4500, 5000, 5500

1.SAFETY - All tractors must have a working kill switch, wheelie bars, and engine side shields. (Side shields Allowed - Factory equipment or made of aluminum, lexan or steel materials). Ladder bars and wide front ends are highly recommended. Steel flywheels are also highly recommended. Scatter blankets or 3/8 steel shield over flywheel/clutch recommended.

 2.Drawbar – Draw bar must not exceed 20 inches in height or be less than 18 inches from center of rear axle to hooking point. Draw bar must be stationary in all directions. No part of the draw bar may extend rearward beyond point of hook. No clevises. Top of hitch adjuster cannot be above center line of axle or hub.

 3.Weights- Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 11 feet from the center of rear axle to furthest point forward.

 4.Tires and Rims- Tire size maximum 18.4 x 38. Any rim width. Any cut allowed on tires.

 5.RPM's- A maximum RPM allowed will be determined by the SOATPA RPM chart: 6-cylinder tractors may run up to 3000 RPM's. 4-cylinder tractors may run up to 2500 RPM's unless 30% over stock, for that make and model, is more than 2500 RPM's. 2-cylinder tractors may run up to 1800 RPM's unless 30% over stock, for that make and model, is more than 1800 RPM's

 6.Speed- Any gear. Shifting of T/A is permitted. Speeds will be 8mph, 10 mph, and 12 mph.

 7.Motor Enhancement- Turbos, superchargers, nitrous, or alcohol Not permitted.

 8.Engine/Motor- Any engine/motor recognized from the same manufacture/company of that tractor that bolts in with the same number of cylinders with the same cylinder configuration as the tractor being pulled is allowed. No V-6 or V-8 engines/motors allowed.

 9.Chassis- Transmission and rear-end must be of the same manufacture/company as the tractor being pulled. Front axles must be safe, sturdy, and similar to factory-stock wheelbase.

 10.Carburetor and Manifolds- Any single updraft agricultural type carburetor is allowed. Homemade or reproduction intake and exhaust pipes/headers are allowed.

 11.Girdle/Deck plates- Any integral plates, girdles, or enhancement devices that enhance engine rigidity and improve safety will be allowed.

 12.Throttle- Tractor must have a dead man's throttle. (Exception: tractor with hand clutch) All tractors must have a positive throttle stop.

 13.Governor- Tractor must have a fully functional and operating/working governor or electronic rpm limiting device..

 14.Fenders- Tractor must have fenders. The fenders must be as high as the tallest part of the rear tire and must support the weight of the driver.

 15.Seat- It is required that the tractor be equipped with a high back seat at least 7 inches tall from the base of the seat cushion.

 16.Electrical Systems- Enhanced electrical systems are allowed. Ignition box(MSD box), coils or chips are allowed. RPM limiters suggested.