SOATPA General Rules

 Any member can protest another member's tractor in their division. The protester's tractor
 will be checked first, then the other tractor will be checked. Any tractor that does not pass inspection will be
 disqualified from that class. A track official must be notified and protests must be made BEFORE the class is over. 
 Drivers must stay seated on the tractor at all times. At least one hand must be on the steering wheel,
 hand brake, hand clutch or throttle at all times during the pull.
 Weight Allowance:
 Weight tolerance of scales will be at 50lbs maximum over the entered weight class. 51lbs will result in disqualification.
 Weights must not extend rearward beyond wheelie bars if equipped or rear tires on tractors with out wheelie bars.
 Speed Cone:
 Speed cone distance will be set at half track. Any blowing of the horn after cone will result in disqualification.
 Driver is to idle down and stop immediately.  
 Wheelie Bars/Kill Switch:
 Wheelie bars, when required, should hold the weight of the tractor in its heaviest weight class. The wheelie
 bar is not to be attached to the draw bar or pulling hitch. Point of wheelie bars that contact the ground must be 
 no further forward than the rear most portion of the outer circumference of the rear tire
 Any cross bar must never be able to make contact with sled chain. 
 Point of wheelie bar that contacts ground is allowed a 10" height maximum while hooked to sled. 
 Draw Bars:
 Must be stationary in all directions. Drawbar cannot move while hooked to the sled.
 Any tractor or puller found to be unsafe or illegal may be disqualified and barred from hooking.
 No alcoholic beverages will be permitted at any time at any event. 
 Any person found to be under the influence will be disqualified and barred from hooking.
 Pullers, crew members and all participants must remain outside the designated pulling track 
 boundaries while a tractor is hooked to the sled. One crew member may assist driver to the track, but 
 must be off the track when the tractor is hooked to the sled. Only exception is parent/guardian assisting their child.
 Any tractor with parts falling off (Weights, Fly Wheel Covers, etc…) while hooked to the sled will be disqualified.
 All contact points of tractor must stay in bounds at all times during the pull. 
 Out of bounds will result in disqualification.
 No steel wheels. Two wheel drive only, no duals.
 Radial tires are permitted in all classes.
 Tractors must run on gas, diesel or LP fuels only. No alcohol or nitrous oxide
 fuels may be used in tractors. Gas is allowed with a maximum of 750 specific gravity. All
 tractors are subject to random fuel checks. Tractors manufactured to use diesel fuel only can not be converted to gas or LP
 Fan guards are required on all tractors (Side shields or fan shields are acceptable) 
 Tractors must have the stock ag engine, transmission, frames, rear end axle housing or manufacturer's replacement.
 Enhanced electrical systems permitted in all classes. 
 Heads, blocks (jugs), manifolds must be the same manufacturer as the crankcase and frame.
 (Manufacturers replacement allowed) Any Ag. Type carburetor allowed. Must be single barrel
 and throats and draft direction as originally manufactured.
 Spacer plates and girdles will have no more than 1" above and below the center line of the crank shaft. 2" total.
 Any jerking of sled or side stepping clutch will result in disqualification.
 Judge's or promoter's decision is final at all times during the event.


 ​​Southern Ohio Antique Tractor Pullers Association, Inc.